Retro Fashion

What do you think about the retro fashion? Usually it comes back all over again, but when it does it has some mark of the modern fashion, doesn't it?

Would you dare to wear retro suits and dresses like the people used to wear in the 1920's? Would you wear the retro round sunglasses?

Vintage leather goods in a great condition

Did you know?

When the Second World War was finished, the joy and happiness was all over the world, in every aspect of the human's life. That's how the fashion revolution started.

Before this, clothes were more formal and restrictive, and very unpractical. The people then didn't have the freedom to match their own outfits, so their creativity and fashion personality was kind of forbidden.

In the 1920's lot's of this has changed. Women
As women began to enter the professional world, they were encouraged to wear pants, short dresses, skirts and also to wear makeup to look their best while competing with men for employment.

This was the moment when they could feel free about their fashion and makeup choices and they could be comfortable with their outfit.

On the other side men also made their changes. They started wearing custom suits, made especially for them. Some of these pieces are the roots for the modern fashion too.

The designers in that time were creating more comfortable and more pactical clothes with an extraordinary designs.

They were also using high quality materials for making their clothes, and that's why their masterpieces were very durable and lasted for more than 90 years. Some of these pieces are still wearable.

So, would you dare wearing retro clothes with huge meaning and personality?



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