The Most Beautiful Car of All Time

While many people think of a vehicle as a simple mode of transportation, others share a lot of things in common with the car they drive. The vehicle you choose for yourself automatically states a lot about you as a person. In fact, your vehicle is a reflection of who you are. I am sure that all the VW drivers will understand what I am talking about. This car is unique not just for it's design and comfortability, it's more than that. There is something spiritual about this car that makes the owner feel very good, peaceful, happy and at the same time original. The VW Beetle defines the person's lifestyle and his personality.   The most common answer to the question "Why do you love your VW Beetle?" is:

- It puts a smile on my face every time I hit the gas.
  Inspired by the beauty of the Beetle, we decided to make our first custom car keychain. 

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After publishing it in our shop, we've got lots of compliments on the design and the quality of our product.
- It did take a little while to receive it, but it was well worth the wait! It is exactly what I expected, so cool and unique. It was a gift for my husband and he LOVED it. I would love to see more items like this and more options for car brand key chains!!

  Now we present you our second  Volkswagen Beetle Keychain design. 


We hope you like it. 

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