Leather Anniversary

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"Leather Anniversary Earrings"

The historic origins of wedding anniversaries date back to the Holy Roman Empire, when husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary, and a gold wreath on the fiftieth. Later, principally in the twentieth century, commercialism led to the addition of more anniversaries being represented by a named gift.

While wedding anniversaries marking the 25th (silver) 50th (gold) and even 60th (diamond) are widely known, the third year of such a union is the less celebrated, yet arguably just as significant, leather anniversary.

Significant because by the third year it is believed couples are aware of the marriage’s durability and tradition has it that while the initial honeymoon period is well and truly over, husband and wife have discovered and dealt with the more irritating and less enjoyable aspects of each others personality and got through that stage successfully so the marriage has even more chance of lasting.

In Russia it is said by the third year of marriage a couple can feel each other in their skin as they have come to know each other so well, while Germany also use leather to mark the anniversary for similar reasons.

Leather is therefore chosen to mark the third year due to its feel of resilience, durability, strength and flexibility as all these qualities are important in helping the relationship to continue to flourish.

The leather anniversary is also used as a time to forgive all past wrongdoings and to ditch all the broken mirrors and crockery in order to refresh their lives with gifts such as bags, wallets, and suitcases made from leather serve as a timely reminder to go on honeymoon once more.



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