Why Is Vintage So Popular?

Why do we love all things vintage?





 Classics never go out of style. Period. 

When we look at the world of fashion we always see echoes of the past and plenty of those echoes are not so subtle.

The quality.We live in a society of mass produced goods. "Fashions" are churned out of clothing mills in third world countries. These factories make the most garments in the shortest amount of time possible all with inhumane working conditions. Quantity over quality is the name of their game. It's like fast food fashion. The quality of vintage clothing is simply unmatched by that of contemporary clothing, with the exception only of today’s highest end luxury designers. 

 The uniqueness. Vintage is Unique. When you invest in a vintage garment, you can rest assured that you will never walk into a room to find another person wearing the same thing you are. Wearing vintage assures that you'll stand out from the masses in a trendsetting outfit that accentuates your individuality!

Vintage Has History .  Whether or not you are able to discover it, every vintage garment comes with a story. Vintage clothing is more than just “old used clothes.” It is more than new unworn clothes. It is history, and art, and the stories of those who have come before us. Owning and wearing vintage clothing is a way of keeping those people and those histories and that artistry alive.Vintage and antique clothing is seeped in mystery and history, and learning or dreaming it is half the charm of wearing it.



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